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Donovan talks about SEO's and SEM's...


Since the subject of "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)" comes up quite a bit these days, I want to express EDC's perspective on them, and the dedicated companies that provide only those services.

Typically, SEO is not a magical process that requires a 3rd party SEO company.

Though Euca Design Center is not solely an SEO company (and will never be), EUCA has the experience and tools to service most any of your needs in this area.

There are some valid reasons to find a reputable SEO, but I am of the opinion that, for most sites, the extra cost doesn't make sense. SEO's offer some things that most full-service operations (like EUCA) may not offer.. such as a focus to search engine placement.

It is the opinion of EUCA that the SEO/SEM industry is a hit-and-miss with questionable practices. There are indeed valid SEO/SEM companies with good service and knowledge. However, most any good full-service web development company (like EUCA) can service all of your SEO needs, and usually more practically and efficiently.

Google has posted a good article on SEO, so you don't need to take my word for it.

EUCA typically does not like to work with 3rd party SEO's, though it is a common request. SEO is filled with checkered practices, and sometimes even the valid ones request programming that EUCA does not agree with.

EDC is not a dedicated SEM company

As noted above, there are, in more rare cases, reasons to find an SEO/SEM company. If you are a site that requires constant services with ad media management and pay-per-click (PPC) services, it may be worth searching for a marketing company who does SEO/SEM. EUCA does not typically provide SEM management, but could possibly refer you to someone reputable. EUCA can help get you set up to manage these things yourself as well. Many site owners prefer managing their own internet marketing.

I hope this helps provide some insight on the perspective that EUCA has on SEO/SEM services.


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