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EDC - Virtual Private Server Advantages

What does it mean to have an EDC-managed VPS for your hosting needs?

  • You have your own remote server, instead of just space!
  • All plans start out based on the tried and true LAMP stack with options for other tools
  • EDC becomes your personal on-call technology partner
  • Your sites reside on the most secure and stable web environment the industry has to offer
  • You get punctual attention to your needs on a personal and individual level
  • You have access to a senior web programmer/designer and systems manager

It is EDC’s stance that Virtual Private Servers can’t be beat when it comes to robust web hosting, period! This is why EDC focuses purely on VPS services as opposed to other types of hosting such as Shared Environment or Dedicated Server hosting. Please read on for further explanation or click on Hosting Pricing to get started.

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server essentially acts just like a dedicated server, only this (virtual) server resides on one or more other servers and is much less costly to the end user.

Why is an EDC VPS better than any other hosting solution?

EDC employs all the hosting standards/basics to address uptime and data integrity that should normally come with a quality hosting plan, such as RAID technology and redundancy in power and networking. However, these methods alone do not ensure the best uptime, nor do they ensure the best data integrity. This is where virtual private hosting excels beyond the standards. This, coupled with EDC’s managed service and the initial stack of tools you have access to upon signing up, makes EDC’s VPS’s some of the strongest hosting offerings on the internet.

Briefly and technically, VPS’s deliver better value over other hosting solutions by adding process isolation, the ability to utilize “snap shots”, and better cost-to-benefit ratio. Furthermore, EDC’s VPS’s go beyond those characteristics with quality service, optimized configuration, and access to powerful web tools.

What are “Snap Shots”?

A “Snap Shot” is the ability to capture the current running state of your server. Once captured, the server can be “rolled back” to that snap shot at any time. Why is this useful? Well, let’s say you are making a big change to your server, for example: updating the web server, or making significant code changes on your website... EDC would first create a “Snap Shot” of the working system before the changes are made. If for any reason the changes did not go well, EDC would simply need to initiate a roll-back to that “snap shot” to get the site running smoothly again. “Snap Shots” do not replace daily backups (which allow you to find and replace files at any point in history), but they are priceless when it comes to data integrity and uptime.

Why are VPS’s better than Shared Environments?

VPS’s win over shared environments because “neighbors” in a shared environment can cause uptime problems. With a VPS, you gain “process isolation” which eliminates that problem. They also win because of the ability to take “Snap Shots”, remote access to an entire (virtual) server, and for many more reasons.

Why are VPS’s better than Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers are touted by many hosting companies as the ultimate solution in hosting. EDC’s stance is that it is not always true. VPS’s win over Dedicate Servers because of the ability to take “snap shots” and the lower cost for similar features and performance. You may hear that Dedicated Serv- ers are the ultimate performers. This can be true, but there are a lot of variables to consider in performance. First, it is a common misconception that you lose performance when running a hypervisor. In real world performance, a VPS can be configured to run at a performance level that has no conceivable differences from a dedicated physical server. EDC takes great care to deploy an appropriate balance of VPS’s to hardware resources. These meth- ods ensure a great performing VPS and ensure that there will be no performance loss from an end-user’s point of view when comparing to a Dedicated Server. So, why would you choose a Dedicated Server when you have nearly the same performance and the ability to do “snap shots” for a lot less money in a VPS!?

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